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The Recipe for a shot of Espresso

Thebulk of the work is getting the right espresso machine and preparing the grind.Once these are done, making the espresso is easy. Let's get to the simplerecipe to prepare a great shot of espresso


  •  Espressomachine (with pump 8-10bar)
  • Waterheating device (if using a portable/manual espresso machine)
  • Coffeebean grinder (optional)


  •  0.25±10%oz. (7±0.5 gm) of arabica Coffee beans (preferably dark roast) OR a pre-groundfine grind OR espresso capsule (depending on the espresso machine used)
  •  38mlwater


  • Grindcoffee beans to a fine grind if using ground coffee or capsule if using podssuch as Nespresso
  •  Insertthe ground coffee into the puck or capsule and tamper and ensure and grindsurface is even
  • Startthe extraction process. The espresso machine should run 38ml water heated to189-194°F (86-90°C) through the coffee grind at 8-10bar pressure for 22.5 to27.5 seconds to produce a single shot of espresso